Calathea Setosa Plant With White Round Ceramic Pot

Calathea Setosa Plant With White Round Ceramic Pot

The Calathea setosa is another striking subspecies of prayer plants that is characterized by its longer, narrower foliage that has a deep green variegation with unique silver striping.

As a houseplant and often used as fencing, Calatheas are robust & will reward your care and attention by improving air quality, It traps dust and removes toxins while pumping out freshly photosynthesised oxygen!  Calathea plants thrive in humidity & indirect lighting.

Check the moisture and humidity and add misting to keep the soil moist.



Product description:

Set includes

  • Plant
  • Plate
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Soil
  • White Pebble Stones.

Plant dimension :20.0 cm ± Width x 35.0 cm ± Height


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