Dracaena Gold With White Round Ceramic Pot

Dracaena Gold With White Round Ceramic Pot

Gold Dust Dracena is a slow-growing evergreen house plant known for its stunning variegated foliage and exotic tropical look. Dracaena’s are often the most beautiful popular and effective indoor plants that help reduce indoor pollution. The plant releases water vapour and increases moisture levels in the air reducing dry-air conditions. These indoor plants are often used to beautify home interiors.

Dracaenas do not require a lot of water just weekly and are happiest when their soil is kept slightly moist but never soggy. You can also help keep your dracaena hydrated by misting its leaves once or twice a week.

Suitable for enhancing spaces & interior decoration.



Product Description:

Set includes:

  • Plant
  • Plate
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Soil
  • White Pebble Stones.

Plant dimension :13.0 cm ± Width x 22.0 cm ± Height


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