Dunamis Healthy Ageing & Liver Support

Dunamis Healthy Ageing & Liver Support

  • Contains a powerful anti-ageing ingredient called Glutathione, the mother of antioxidants, together with choline and milk thistle.
  • Comes in 30 sachets (6g each).
  • Take one sachet daily.



  • Free Radicals: The Bad Boys

    Free radicals are molecules lacking an electron. They are created when we are stressed, eat unhealthy foods, lack sleep, exposed to UV rays or live an unhealthy lifestyle. They damage our cells and cause many diseases. To fight free radicals, we need antioxidants.

    There are many types of antioxidants. But there is ONE antioxidant that stands above the rest. Glutathione, an antioxidant so powerful, they call it ‘Mother Of All Antioxidants’.

    Pure Goodness In Each Sachet


    It’s the “Mother of all Antioxidants”. When it comes to detoxing free radicals, toxic drugs and heavy metals, we need the big guns. Dunamis uses ‘Opitac’, a glutathione extracted via a patented process from Torula Yeast. It is researched, formulated and developed by Kohjin Life Sciences (Japan). Think of it as the best, premium glutathione you can get your hands on.


    Choline is important for normal bodily function and processes including cell structure, cell messaging, fat transport and metabolism, DNA synthesis and the nervous system. Dunamis’s Choline is made by Belgium’s Azingro NV, produced from natural tartaric acid extracted from grapes. It is a patented formulation to ensure bioavailability.

    Milk Thistle

    Milk thistle needs no introduction. It is used to detoxify the liver and trusted by drinkers around the world.

    Naturally Good

    Dunamis® is made with ingredients derived from plants and nutrients that are easily absorbed and digested, completely natural, organic, vegan and is scientifically formulated to safely deliver maximum efficacy. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced and expertly formulated and blended to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability. Dunamis is carbon neutral, certified organic and vegan and has not been tested on animals.

    Who should take Dunamis®?


    If you’re looking to stop the clock from inside (rather than from the outside such as skin care), taking adequate antioxidants will help rejuvenate and brighten the skin.


    Antioxidants help repair and protect your liver. Milk thistle has been trusted through generations by drinkers.


    Stress causes a lot of health problems and puts a heavy load on the liver.

    How To Take Dunamis®

    Take one sachet daily. Add 100ml room temperature water to the powder, stir well and drink. Best consumed in the morning before meal or before bedtime.

    What’s inside?

    Glutathione, Choline, Milk Thistle, Superberries (Red grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Cranberry and Raspberry), Supergreen (Spinach, Pumpkin, Carrot, Purple Yam and Burdock), Wheatgrass Powder, Beetroot Powder, and Stevia, (natural alternative sweetener).

    Nutrition Information Per 100g Per Serving {6g)
    Energy (kcal) 270.3 13.5
    Carbohydrate (g) 65.6 3.3
    Protein (g) 0.4 0.0
    Fat 0.0 0.0

    30 Sachets x 6 gram each. NET WT : 180 grams

    *Colour and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the properties of natural ingredients used and it is normal if sedimentation occurs.