Garcinia Plant Stone Round Ceramic Pot

Garcinia Plant Stone Round Ceramic Pot

Garcinia subelliptica known as The Happiness or Fukugi Tree, is an evergreen tree found in coastal forests of East and Southeast Asia, specifically the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Planted by the Okinawan people some 300 years ago, Fukugi trees serve as windbreakers against typhoons and its bark has been used for dyeing fabrics.

The species has become a popular tree, hardy and perfect for enhancing your living spaces. This L size Fukugi Tree is highly valued as beautiful ornamental tree associated with happiness. This large specimen is strong and mature potted with premium soil and coco fibre in a large ceramic pot.

Suitable for outdoor and partial sunlight.



Product Description:

Set includes

  • Plant
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Plate
  • Soil
  • Coco Fiber.

Plant dimension: 35.0 cm ± Width x 125.0 cm ± Height (L- size)


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