Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – South Africa)

Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – South Africa)

The Grapefruit is an accidental hybrid believed by botanists to be a happy mistake originating from the combination of the Pomelo and the Sweet Orange.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is relatively new compared to other Essential Oils but has been quickly adopted as a healing powerhouse in both the medicinal and cosmetic world.

  • Characteristics: Sweet Citrus Scent
  • Country Of Origin: South Africa
  • Nett Volume: 10ml



Uses & Benefits:

Aromatically: Diffused throughout your home using an oil diffuser or inhaled directly from the bottle. Try this method by inhaling grapefruit vapors to help the body let go of bloating and retained water, headaches, stress and depression.

Topically: When using grapefruit oil on your skin, it should be diluted with equal parts of carrier oil, like coconut or jojoba oil. Combine the two and then rub them onto any area in need, including sore muscles, acne-prone skin or your abdomen to improve digestion.

Other uses:

  • Reduce Cravings: Inhale directly from the bottle, diffuse 5 drops in your office or home, or massage 2-3 drops into your chest and wrists.
  • Ease Hangover: Diffuse 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil or apply 1–2 drops to your temples and neck.
  • Eliminate Odours: To get rid of unpleasant odours,diffuse 5 drops of grapefruit oil.
  • Boost Circulation: Add 2–3 drops  to a nightly bath, place some on your shirt collar or dap 1-2 drops onto your wrists.

Grapefruit Essential Oil works well with other oils especially Basil, Orange or Lemon Essential Oil.