Lavender Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – France)

Lavender Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – France)

Lavender is one of the most used essential oil in the world.

The name Lavender is derived from the Latin word “Lavare,” meaning “To Wash,” as it was often used for its fragrant properties in baths and laundry.

According to ancient texts, Lavender was used for medicinal to religious purposes: to clean cuts, skin irritations, soothe bruises as well as to scent the air for spiritual practices.

Famed as a Calming and Emotionally balancing fragrance, it is commonly used for its relaxing effects on the body.

  • Country Of Origin: France
  • Nett Volume: 10ml


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Uses & Benefits:

In Aromatherapy, the fragrance is used for its calming , relaxing and sleep inducing effect. Lavender is used to improve mood, reduce stress & anxiety.

It is famed for reducing headaches and provides relieve for travel motion sickness.

Diluted with a carrier oil and used topically, Lavender oil moisturizes chapped and aging skin. Its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties can help reduce itching and swelling caused by insect bites.

Lavender is a potent antiseptic, Its anti-microbial properties, provides soothing relief to minor wounds, burns and cuts.

As a spray, Lavender acts as a natural perfume and a non-toxic air freshener. It can also be sprayed onto towels for a fresh and calming scent.