Lemon Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – South Africa)

Lemon Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – South Africa)

The name Lemon is derived from the Arabic word “Laimun” or the Persian word “Limun,” both meaning “citrus fruit.”

Lemon Essential Oil is also known by the nickname “Liquid Sunshine” due to its yellow color, refreshing scent, ability to purify and burst of energy.

Lemon Oil has possibly the most powerful anti-microbial activity of all essential oils.

  • Country Of Origin: South Africa
  • Nett Volume: 10ml



Uses & Benefits:

Lemon Essential Oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat a vast range of health issues. It is an invigorating mood enhancer with a therapeutic reputation of being an invigorating, cleansing and purifying oil.

This is attributed to the oil’s anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic, stimulant, antiseptic and soothing properties.

In Aromatherapy, it is used to reduce fever, flu, and relieve throat infections and cough.

Lemon Oil is perfect to be diffused in workplaces in order to improve focus and efficiency. It has a mood-elevating and revitalizing effect.

Lemon Essential Oil eliminates toxins and can be used as a non-toxic cleaner and air freshener.

As a household cleaner, Lemon Essential Oil acts as a natural disinfectant. Dilute Lemon Essential Oil in a spray bottle filled with water and spray it onto shower walls, windows, wooden furniture, metal surfaces to eliminate mould and achieve a streak-free shine.

Lemon Oil can also be blended with Tea Tree Oil and diluted in water and vinegar to create a cleaning spray.