Lotus Bamboo Plant White Ceramic Pot

Lotus Bamboo Plant White Ceramic Pot

The Lotus Bamboo also known as Rose Bamboo or Flower Bamboo is so named because its leaf bracts resemble a lotus flower. Bamboo plants have been used for centuries as a good luck charm. In Feng Shui and Japanese Gardens, bamboo is often used to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. Bamboo is said to have and therapeutic effect for many people including a sense of security & calmness. Easy to grow indoors and perfect for the novice gardener as they can survive in a wide range of conditions, including low light and lack of water. Bamboo is also a natural air purifier to beautify & enhance your living space. Potted with coco fibre and premium soil in an elegant white ceramic pot.

Suitable for partial sunlight.



Product Description:

Set includes

  • Plant
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Plate
  • Soil
  • Coco Fibre.

Plant dimension :30.0 cm ± Width x 75.0 cm ± Height


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