Monstera Plant With White Round Ceramic Pot

Monstera Plant With White Round Ceramic Pot

Famous for their natural leaf-holes, which led to their nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant.

A dramatic, elegant plant with large, glossy leaves that provide a vast surface area for absorbing harmful substances. Monstera is an elegant & vibrant houseplant that can directly benefit your habitat by purifying the air and lowering humidity. The highly effective trendy and popular evergreen Swiss Cheese Plant helps to create a cool & relaxing environment. This spectacular looking plant can survive without much effort making it ideal for beginners.

Suitable for enhancing spaces & interior decoration.



Product Description:

Set includes

  • Plant
  • Plate
  • Ceramic Pot
  • Soil
  • White pebbles stones.

Plant dimension :15.0 cm ± Width x 25.0 cm ± Height


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