Peppermint Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – USA)

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil – 10ml (Country of Origin – USA)

The Peppermint herb is a cherished plant and its benefits have been traced back to Chinese, Japanese and Ancient Eqyptian times. Used in culinary and herbal medicine since 1500 BC. Peppermint is also mentioned in Greek mythology in the story of the nymph “Mentha” or  “Minthe,” who is transformed into the sweet-smelling herb that releases a powerful, lingering aroma every time she is stepped on. Peppermint has the reputation of being one of the most versatile oils in the world.

  • Characteristics: Minty Grassy Scent
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Nett volume: 10ml



Benefits and Uses: The active components of Peppermint include Menthol and Menthon which are known to reduce pain, to invigorate, to energise and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

In Aromatherapy, this analgesic oil is used to help relieve headaches and suppress the appetite.

Peppermint Essential Oil’s expectorant properties clear nasal passageways to promote the relief of congestion. When rubbed in small amounts behind the ear, it can reduce the feeling of nausea.